Introduction of Imoogi Kingdom

The first MMORPG game on blockchain
This whitepaper will provide information about the past, present, and future of a blockchain Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), Imoogi Kingdoms.
Imoogi Kingdoms will be launched in Sept 2022 as the first MMORPG on the blockchain. The game is currently as of Q2 - Prepare War one of the fastest-growing blockchain MMORPG games in the world.
The game runs on the blockchain network and its NFT ecosystem involves various in-game assets and properties including its iconic Land NFT.
The Land NFTs are stored on the blockchain network and represent the very ground where the IMOOGI KINGDOM stands.
Not only gamers can own these Lands, but also gather resources on the Lands and mint them into NFTs to trade. All these tokenized assets are transparently and trustlessly transacted and traded across the blockchain, without intermediaries.
The game offers various gameplay modes, ranging from MMORPG. In the future, more game modes, events, quests, campaigns, and competitions will be added to the game universe.
With the entire gamut of diverse and engaging content, there is no time to be bored in the world of IMOOGI KINGDOM!
Last modified 10mo ago