Imoogi Kingdom is organized as an ever expandable digital war world. The Imoogi Developer will collaborate with the community to develop functionality for the game assets linked with the Imoogi Kingdom. Above all else, the Imoogi Soldier must be enjoyable
Imoogi Kingdom Metaverse Genre MMORPG Inspired by a game with a very impressive royal theme and combined with a Blockchain Game Currency, which will reward players
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    Free To Play
  2. 2.
    Play To Earn
  3. 3.
    Swap IMO
  4. 4.
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    NFT Land Miner
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    Internal Trade System
  7. 7.
    NFT Marketplace


  • Train your character and reach high levels to be able to tame dragons IMOOGI
  • Upgrade skills with skill points after reaching level up
  • Upgrade weapons and armor with raw materials (Drop by mob and in hunting mode)
  • Recruit soldiers from all over the world to create a powerful kingdom
  • PVP: battles with any player in the arena or in the wild
  • PVE : By adapting the playing pattern of the Forsaken Gods, players can fight with mobs and get raw materials for upgrading weapons and armor, and with luck in the system, players will get rewards IMO
  • Players can exchange any weapons and armor with a rating in Game Market or NFT Market
  • New players can trade any land to build kingdom
  • Anyone who owns NFT Land, can have access to the mining system and get resources or IMO tokens as Game Rewards