Imoogi Kingdom

IMOOGI (IMO) is the Imoogi Kingdom Universe's Token. It is a Game Currency. IMO holders will be eligible for incentives if they stake their tokens, engage in the game, and vote on critical governance issues. Additionally, players will be able to earn $IMO by participating in different games inside the Imoogi Kingdom and by submitting user-generated content. Our objective with Imoogi is to provide innovative and intriguing incentives for both gamers and developers. The techniques outlined above have two primary goals: To incentivize players to engage with Imoogi while also motivating them to save their tokens from claiming extra incentives. To decentralize imoogi ownership and control. We want Imoogi to be the first game that is fully owned and controlled by the players. This offers up an infinite number of options, but must be addressed with caution. Historically, initiatives have been abandoned and became stagnate under the guise of "decentralization." The transition to a truly decentralized organization will take place incrementally over time. The Community Treasury will be operational in early 2022. The Community Treasury will begin receiving funds through Imoogi and a percentage of staking rewards. Eventually, after the network has grown sufficiently decentralized, IMO stakeholder will administer this treasury.
Last modified 10mo ago