Private Sale / IDO

Why you should join our Private Sale / IDO now?

1. IMOOGI is extremely potential as the first Metaverse MMORPG on Binance Smart Chain

IMOOGI is the FIRST massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) launched on Binance Smart Chain.
  • IMOOGI is the launch of the NEW GENRE of games on Binance Smart Chain
IMOOGI is an MMORPG Metaverse, a genre that has never been launched before on Binance Smart Chain. The NFT market on Binance Smart Chain has still on fire, it will not be an exaggeration to say that the appearance of IMOOGI with a completely new genre really has potential.
  • Transaction costs on Binance Smart Chain are always CHEAPER than competitors
Binance Smart Chain will be a formidable competitor to international payment institutions such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal. However, transaction fees are always cheaper, only charging about 0.5% to 2% compared to 2.5%-3% like competitors. The more you play, the more transactions will be made. So low transaction fees are of course an attraction.
  • Huge user community ALWAYS OPEN for potential projects
The huge user community on Binance Smart Chain is always on the lookout for new projects that benefit them, and of course, IMOOGI's community of players as well. So this is win-win cooperation.

2. Interesting gameplay to earn huge income

Free To Play: Each player will get a free character immediately after logging in. Players can train, improve skills, and use various types of weapons in battle. players will also get rewards from game features:
  • Minner
  • Farmer
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Spoils of war
  • Market Trade
This is a plus of IMOOGI compared to other games of the same genre.
Play To Earn: IMOOGI gives the community many opportunities to earn valuable IMO tokens:
Perform in-game quests and win battles to earn NFT and IMO as rewards.
  • Participate in events such as Airdrop, Minigames, Daily Quest, Tax For King etc..
  • Staking and Farming IMO tokens on IMOSwap to earn passive income
  • Sell NFTS such as weapon, armor, dragons, eggs, land, .. on NFT Marketplace
The interesting things about IMOOGI games that make IMOOGI much sought after are: Items such as weapons, armor, dragons, eggs, skill books on IMOOGI are not only used as equipment to increase the combat power of your kingdom but can also be transferred outside-the-game for direct trade in CEX or DEX market

3. Roadmap with good prospects

In March this year, IMOOGI will implement IDO on the Binance Smart chain platform. After IDO, IMOOGI will prepare to list IMO tokens on CEX and DEX. The two big events that are most anticipated by the crypto and gaming community will also be released in 2022, namely Beta Game Testing and Game Version 1.0. In which, NFT Marketplace with Staking and Farming will be launched along with Beta Game Testing. IMOOGI will also integrate a Mobile version and VR support so that players can experience the game on multiple platforms.

4. Impressive game technology

IMOOGI is developed by the Unreal Engine. As a result, players are able to enjoy 3D visuals, modem interactive effects with high image quality, and smooth motion, all combined with artificial intelligence (Al) to control the character’s actions in the game.

5. Transparant

We will put 50% of the sale proceeds into token liquidity and will lock it for the next 6 months, before we launch it on the centralized market, so that it can work on a decentralized exchange, so that the tokens that have been purchased can be traded freely on the trading market. We will use the rest for the operational costs of making games and renting a server so that when the Game BETA Tester is released the server will not be full because of enthusiastic users.
no tokens purchased system will be locked. but we use a Deflation system, Buyback, 5% Reward for holders, and 5% sales tax will be entered into liquidity so that when there is a big sale our market price will be stable.
IMO tokens will be used in the long term, because they will always be needed in the game IMOOGI KINGDOM as the main currency. according to the law of supply on demand
We will always be transparent to our investors

6. Competitors Table

7. The valuable coin - IMO

IMO is the main currency as well as the heart of the IMOOGI KINGDOM ecosystem as it is used for most of the in-game activities such as buying weapons and armor, upgrading skills, paying taxes etc.
Symbol: IMO
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Supply Token: 800.000.000
Liquidity: 184.000.000 (Lock for 6 Month)
Game Reward: 136.000.000
Airdrop: 25.000.000
Private Sale / IDO: 37.000.000
Dev & Founder: 8.000.000 (Lock for 6 Month)
Launchpad Fee: 8.000.000
Burn: 40.000.000
Market Allocation: 362.000.000
In-game inflation reduction mechanism is an outstanding feature of IMOOGI. It's the "Coin Burning Mechanism". Particularly, Team IMOOGI will use 70% of profits from the ecosystem to buy back and burn IMO tokens to reduce total supply, increase scarcity, thereby increasing the price of IMO tokens.
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